Welcome to my blog where I intend to chart progress with my new storytelling show ‘Whispering Waves’. Plans are well underway for the piece with the first performance at Kilkenny Arts Festival on Friday 13th August.
I have been telling stories professionally for 10 years now and have a niggling desire to do something different fro awhile now. Over the years I have always been looking at different ways to present and tell stories. There is a myriad of ways to tell stories and the term ‘storytelling’ is one that is applied to many artists. It can frustrate ‘oral’ tellers sometimes as it can be so different from what we do such.

What I am aiming to do is to build on the intimacy and flexibility of my storytelling with theatrical elements that will deepen the experience of the telling for the listener. I want to play with the format without it becoming something completely different.

It is not a play. I will remain the teller of the tales and not become the character/s of the stories in the way an actor does. I am giving the stories a focus in that they will all feature the sea. I’m also adding a visual element beyond that created by the telling. I will have a small boat on the stage and will employ some stage lighting. However I will also have the audience lit. One of the key features of my own telling over the years has been that very immediate contact with my audience, of literally looking them in the eye.

This is my goal. Over the weeks I will expand on my thoughts here and report on progress. I hope you enjoy reading and sharing the expereince. Ultimately I hope you will join me at some stage to hear the stories in real time.

About whisperingwaves

Storyteller and writer living in Donegal, Ireland.
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