The Relationship With The Audience

I believe a two-way relationship exists between the teller and the audience. When telling my performances have been influenced and guided by the audience. It is somewhat difficult to articulate this.

It’s a mixture of the mood in the room, the look on people’s faces, the body language and peoples eyes. Thus the need to see my audience and an element t I want to keep. It means that there will be a degree of adaptability in the stories I tell. The focus will be on stories from the sea but which stories I tell will be flexible.

There is also another element to this relationship which I have experienced. Part of this relationship is built on trust.

As teller I invite my audience to come on a journey with my stories. That journey will travel through humour, sadness, poignancy, reflection, adventure, incredulity and much more. Stories can touch on deep emotions, stirring the deep waters of the soul. The trust is that I will take the listener on this journey but we will come out the other end renewed. This all sounds very deep but storytelling is primal and does run deep in the psyche.

Having said that, it is also about enjoyment. But enjoyment does not avoid deep emotions but delivers an all round package that pleases.

The journey continues. Joe

About whisperingwaves

Storyteller and writer living in Donegal, Ireland.
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