The Boat

Sorry I have been quiet but health still recovering and I have been taking it very gently.

Things are progresing well towards friday week. I’m in Kilkenny now. I’ve done two radio interviews talking about the children’s programme for the festival and Whispering Waves. Real buzz about town and it all kicks off at 5pm with The Magic Cube from Italy. This is such a wonderful show and I’m really excited about it opening the festival. It’s full of fun and mischief and just great for the sumer.

The boat is packed up in the car and ready for action. It was designed and built by Guy Barriscale who is just brillant. He designed and built the set for my play ‘The Witchin’ Well’, produced by An Grianán Theatre. He also created the music and puppets. He’s an all round genius!

The design is simple but brillantly put together so that it dismantles easy and fits in one bag. The weight comes in around 30kgs which is key for travelling abroad. It is strong enough for me to sit in and stand on. It’s the perfect anchor for ‘Whispering Waves’. It provides a great visual point and allows me to interact with in a variety of ways.

Initially it was to have a skin but now it won’t as it just looks great. It is a skeleton but it is a boat!

The more I looked at it and worked with it the more it made sense to leave it as it is. When I work with groups to develop storytelling skills I always talk about rememering the skeleton of the story and then adding the layers in the telling. It keeps my telling fresh and always new. There are always new little details.

There is also a debate in relation to illustrated books where some people feel the words alone should paint the pictures and thus no need for pictures. On the other hand people argue that the pictures add to the experience and the story. Now I’m a big fan of illustrated books. Beautiful art work brings a whole new realm to the experience.

In this show I am painting the pictures with my words and the boat is providing an anchor for the image. And the painting adds the layers to the boat so that while there is a visual stimulus the listener still plays the role of the co-creator. The listeners will plum the depths of their own imaginations and provide their own skin for the boat. What a kalidescope of images that will be.


About whisperingwaves

Storyteller and writer living in Donegal, Ireland.
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